Unique silver, labrador and pearl necklace with black natural leather

Unique silver, labrador and pearl necklace with black natural leather


Sterling silver

Length: 48cm

Stone: Labrador with light blue luster, Pearl

Pendant size: 33x29mm

Stone size: Labrador 33x12mm, Pearl 8mm

Weight: 26.14g

Leather: round 5mm


Pearls are available in different shades from white to black. There are also blue, yellow, purple, green, etc. pearls.
The pearl symbolizes love, good luck and happiness.
It is believed that the pearl helps to look at yourself from the sidelines and build self-esteem. It is a symbol of modesty, innocence, purity and virtue.


Labradors belong to a group of minerals, feldspars, which are common in the Earth's crust. It has a dull, dark bluish-green color, but when it is turned against the light, a dark blue glow appears - iridescent. For most Labradors, this glow is blue, for some specimens - green, purple or orange, but in very rare cases a rainbow of all these colors is visible. Such irradiation is caused by small minerals embedded in the crystal structure in parallel. They reflect light, creating a radiant effect.

The name of the mineral comes from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, where this stone was first found in the 18th century


Labradorite is a powerful stone that helps you see more clearly, understand your dreams and goals. It strengthens intuition, stimulates imagination and enthusiasm, helps to generate new ideas.