14k Yellow gold ring with Opal and diamonds

14k Yellow gold ring with Opal and diamonds

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14K Yellow gold, Ethiopian opal, diamonds

Size: 17

Stone: Opal 8mm, Diamonds 1.5mm

Weight: 4.87g


The name "opal" comes from the Sanskrit word "upala" - a gemstone.

Opal contains 10% water and the internal structure is made of tiny microscopic beads, which create a special opalescent glow, as it refracts light rays in various ways. Opal reflects water games and is afraid of heat and drought. In heat and drought, opal quickly loses its shine as the water dries. In this case, when placed in water, after a while the stone seems to come to life and again becomes beautiful and shiny. Opal is fragile. It is not recommended to store in direct sunlight.

Opals can be different colors - black, dark, gray, white - milky. Fiery opal can be yellow-red, brown-red