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Luxurious Sterling silver necklace with Citrine and Ethiopian opal

Luxurious Sterling silver necklace with Citrine and Ethiopian opal

€650.00 Regular Price
€390.00Sale Price

Sterling silver, Citrine, Ethiopian Opal

Length: 40-45cm, thickness 3mm

Stone: Citrine 21x15mm, Opal 2.7mm

Pendant size: 51x35mm

Weight: 35g

Hard hoop necklace with hinges on the back for easier wearing.

The pendant glides elegantly along the silver hoop, it is not removable.


The name "opal" comes from the Sanskrit word "upala" - a gemstone.

Opal contains 10% water and the internal structure is made of tiny microscopic beads, which create a special opalescent glow, as it refracts light rays in various ways. Opal reflects water games and is afraid of heat and drought. In heat and drought, opal quickly loses its shine as the water dries. In this case, when placed in water, after a while the stone seems to come to life and again becomes beautiful and shiny. Opal is fragile. It is not recommended to store in direct sunlight.

Opals can be different colors - black, dark, gray, white - milky. Fiery opal can be yellow-red, brown-red


Citrine is yellow transparent quartz.

Natural citrine is rarely found and is mostly pale yellow with a faint expression pleochroism. The natural color of lemon can vary from yellow-green to orange and brown-orange. Clear amber stones are especially valued. Citrine forms part of a unique gemstone - amethrin, which is found in In Bolivia.

The most beautiful natural citrine crystals are found In Brazil. Another ctrine is also obtained In Argentina, Burma, other Brazilian states, In France, Madagascar, In Russia (Urals), In Spain, UNITED STATES.

In ancient times, citrine was considered a mascot that protects against poison and evil thoughts. Citrine is used in healing to give sensitive people inner strength to solve metabolic problems. Citrine is also one of the two November horoscope stones.