Impressive sterling silver ring with Rock crystal

Impressive sterling silver ring with Rock crystal

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Sterling silver, Silver 925, Rock crystal

Size: 18 / US 8
Weight: 20.54g

Stone: Rock crystal 22x19mm

Ring width 10mm

Height: 20mm


Rock crystal is a colorless, absolutely transparent type of quartz.

The rock crystal was first mentioned in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Back in the 12th century, rock crystal was believed to have originated from ice. Only later did the term "crystal" begin to refer to any multifaceted mineral.


Rock crystal is used both as a gemstone and for various technical purposes. In radio engineering for obtaining ultrasonic oscillations, spectrograph prisms and lenses can be made from it. Rhinestones are used to make various jewelry and luxuries, it has long been known as a material for making magical attributes.

The ancient Greeks and Romans made seals and dishes from rock crystal. The clarity of the rock crystal was considered a symbol of modesty and clarity of thought.