Pearl and silver necklace with amethyst and diamonds

Pearl and silver necklace with amethyst and diamonds


Silver 925 standart

Length: 53cm

Stone: Amethyst, Pearls, Diamonds

Pendant size: 41x18mm

Stone size: Amethyst 21x17mm, Pearls 5mm, Diamonds 1.5mm

Weight: 67.55g

Amethyst is used against insomnia, used as a mascot against spells, evil thoughts, improves mood, promotes intuitive thinking, increases energy reserve, reduces stress, helps against insomnia. The stone helps its wearers to maintain peace of mind, attracts love and good luck.


The pearl symbolizes love, good luck and happiness.
Pearls are available in different shades from white to black. There are also blue, yellow, purple, green, etc. pearls.
The pearl eliminates emotional imbalances. It affects the heart chakra, treats stomach, spleen, intestinal and ulcer problems.
It is believed that the pearl helps to look at yourself from the sidelines and build self-esteem. It is a symbol of modesty, innocence, purity and virtue.