Handmade sterling silver earrings with amethyst and pearls

Handmade sterling silver earrings with amethyst and pearls

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Sterling silver, Amethyst, Freshwater pearls

Length: 50mm, width 17mm

Stone: Amethyst 19x15mm

Pearl 9mm

Weight: 22.85g


Amethyst is purple or purple quartz variety, a variety often used as a gemstone. Amethyst was already used as a gemstone In ancient Egypt, where it was used as a material stamps. In ancient Greece and In ancient Rome people wore amethyst mascots and used dishes made of amethyst.

In the past, amethyst was ranked among the most valuable gems diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald.


As amethyst is a popular gemstone, several descriptive terms are used to denote different shades of amethyst.

  • "Rose de France" - pale pink lilac or purple. Least requested type.
  • "Siberian" - intense purple with a red glow. The most sought after and expensive type. Stones of this color are not only found In Siberia but also In Uruguay, In Zambia and elsewhere.
  • Amethrin is a relatively recent term applied to amethyst - lemon crystals, some of which are purple and some of which are yellow.


Amethyst is used against insomnia, used as a talisman against spells, evil thoughts, improves mood, promotes intuitive thinking, increases energy reserve, reduces stress, helps against insomnia. The stone helps its wearers to maintain peace of mind, attracts love and good luck.


Pearls are available in different shades from white to black. There are also blue, yellow, purple, green, etc. pearls.
The pearl symbolizes love, good luck and happiness.
It is believed that the pearl helps to look at yourself from the sidelines and build self-esteem. It is a symbol of modesty, innocence, purity and virtue.