Sterling Silver 925 Ring with Shungite

Sterling Silver 925 Ring with Shungite

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Sterling silver 925 , shungite

Size 21.8
Weight 22.94g
Stone size: 22mm

Height: 9mm

Ring width: 14mm


A very special mineral. The only deposits are in Russia, on the shores of Lake Onez. Its quartz structure is a hollow filled with hydrocarbon. Its special healing properties are given by fullerenes - unique globular molecules consisting of tens of hydrocarbon atoms. It is the third form of diamond and graphite hydrocarbon, which is very rare in nature.

Shungite is a phenomenon whose properties scientists have been studying for decades. It purifies, structures, and heals water. With the help of shungite, water purifies completely from organic and inorganic impurities, eliminates intestinal sticks, cholera vibrations, bacteria, spores, etc. Shungite can absorb organic substances such as alcohols, resins, pesticides, petroleum products, surpassing activated carbon 30 times. But most importantly, the water charged with shungite becomes biologically active - like water from a natural source!

Shungite is a unique mineral in its composition, structure and properties. It contains more than 20 trace elements useful for the human body. There are no analogues. Studies have shown- Shun cures, cleans, relieves pain, heals, protects, normalizes, restores balance of electrical and magnetic fields in the body.

The use of shungite is extremely versatile - it is advisable to wear it, it will purify and biologically active the water on it, the shungite pyramid will protect you from the harmful radiation of the computer or prevent the effects of geopathogenic zones (stomachs).

A very special mineral in black. It purifies, structures, and heals water. Shungit cures, cleanses, relieves pain, heals, protects, normalizes, restores.