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Sterling silver earrings with pink tourmaline

Sterling silver earrings with pink tourmaline

€95.00 Regular Price
€47.50Sale Price

Sterling silver 925

Size: 55mm in length,

24mm in width

Stone: Tourmaline 3mm

Weight: 16.4g


Watermelon tourmaline attracts love, regulates the masculine and feminine energy of man, reduces guilt and embarrassment, the green part nourishes life force, the pink part nourishes.

Green tourmaline regulates blood pressure, increases creativity, restores emotional balance

Black tourmaline is a very powerful stone that brings good luck.

Red tourmaline enhances passion, love of life. It enhances inspiration and courage to protect those loved by the stone wearer. Helps overcome fears related to survival and security. Helps to find inner courage and strength.

Light blue tourmaline helps to get rid of hidden emotions, gives peace of mind and ability to communicate easily, has a beneficial effect on the throat.



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