Sterling silver ring with emeralds

Sterling silver ring with emeralds

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Sterling silver, Emeralds

Size: 16.5∅ US-6

Weight: 9.97g

Stone size: Emerald 3mm, 6pcs. Ring width: 10 mm


Emerald is a bright green mineral - beryl type. It is one of the most valuable gemstones along with diamond, ruby and sapphire, and is often more expensive than the other three. Most emerald crystals found have inclusions that reduce their value. The color of the emerald is determined by the addition of chromium and iron (including vanadium). The emerald has a hardness of 7.5, but inclusions can lower it. The emerald is available in all shades of green and teal. Higher quality emeralds are clear, but stones that are not completely clear are also valuable. Absolutely most emerald crystals have so many inclusions that they are not even transparent. In Colombia, the country where the highest quality emeralds are found, there is also a rare type of emerald, the star emerald. It is characterized by a hexagonal reflection caused by inclusions of carbon hairs oriented in a certain way. To enhance the appearance of the emerald, it is kept in vegetable oil, which slowly fills the cracks in the stone. The world's largest emerald weighs 16,300 carats and is located in Istanbul.